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asking for serious help and maybe even some support

mefroggie started this conversation

Hi ....I am 31 years old and i have just been told i have Breast Cancer. The thing that makes it worse is i dont have any income or health insurance...i have applied for SSD & SSI and medicare but was told it is a 3 to 4 month wait untill i know if i get appproved or if i am if the Cancer wasnt bad enough not being able to pay the required deposit to the Dr's office (need to pay dep. cause of no insur.)in order to start recieving my treatments to beat this Cancer is even worse to me..each day that i dont get treatment scares me and makes the stress level even worse.... thanks in advance for any help you might provide to meĀ 

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First of all where do you live? Next, contact ance.html-14k, also your local breast cancer chapter. You can locate one through a good hospital or clinic. I am a breast cancer survivor of 7yrs. I had insurance and had never used it until then. I continued to use it often right up to my medical disability retirement of last year. I am 54 now, I was 46 at the time of cancer. I now have no insurance. I can't believe your doctor isn't helping you out by pointing you in the right direction. You will have to prove you have no ability to pay. Don't delay any longer, get help now !!

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